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INSCYD Performance Analysis

What is INSCYD?

INSCYD diagnostics give Paceheads Academy coaches a detailed overview of your performance. The INSCYD performance test can be performed at any of our INSCYD partners. So it doesn’t matter if you train in Berlin, but your coach lives in Munich. You can find the shortest way to an INSCYD partner in the last section of this page. After the test, the collected and uniformly evaluated data will be transmitted to our coaches and evaluated.

INSCYD Athlete Running
INSCYD Athlete Cycling

The world's most advanced software for physiological performance analysis

INSCYD diagnostics provide your coach and you with additional insights into your physiological processes, which can only be illustrated to a limited extent with other performance diagnostic examinations. Especially interesting is the knowledge about the role of the aerobic metabolism and the anaerobic metabolism in your performance. By determining these data, your coach is able to get a holistic overview of your performance and customize your training plan for you. By evaluating your data, future performance results can also be projected.



Determination of the accumulation and breakdown of your lactate
VLamax: Determination of your maximum lactate formation rate
VO2max: Determination of your maximum oxygen uptake
Determination of your anaerobic threshold and training ranges
Insight into the distribution of combustion of your fats and carbohydrates

Interested in performance diagnostics?

You are interested in INSCYD performance diagnostics or have further questions? Simply contact us directly and we will get back to you to answer all your questions.

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